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Pro’s of The 3 Week Diet

COMPREHENSIVE: First, as the name misleadingly suggests, it’s not just a diet. The actual program covers all aspects of healthy weight loss and provides 4 separate manuals, each covering one key component (Introduction, Diet, Exercise and Mindset/Motivation). This is great to see as sustainable weight loss is as much about building healthy habits, getting active and being happy as it is about eating the right foods.

Critical New Info about the 3 Week Diet Is Now In

Brain suggest 3 week diet plan to the people who have busy routine life and can't make some time to deal with their over-weight problems. Also to the people who aren't really obese but their bodies are out of shape anyway. The thin lines of this program can work on the edges of over-weight problems and fix every out-of-shape part of the body in just 3 weeks.
Testing the credibility of the product, 3 week diet plan offers the assurance of 100% money back guarantee if the user doesn't attain desired result within the mentioned time. Also, a fast customer service that replies instantly to users queries and problems. All the provided manuals are simple and easy to understand and practice thus can be used by any one regardless of his age, gender or language.
The program is available online in a PDF version so that anybody in the world can have access to it. 3 Week Diet system understands the importance of a healthy in-shape body and the way to provide it fast is what they have successfully found and now are offering to the world. It is certainly a worthy and safe deal by 3 Week Diet.

How Does it Work?

The 4 phases of the 3 Week Diet is as follows:
  • Phase #1 involves eating 3-4 meals of approved vegetable and protein foods for 7 days. This phase helps to cleanse your digestive system and detoxifies your liver
  • Phase #2 involves doing a 24-hour fast on the 8th day. Intermittent fasting is proven to speed up your weight loss and give you extra health benefits
  • Phase #3 involves doing a “fat fast” for 3 days. During this phase, you will get the majority of your calories from fat that is important to help you mobilize the stored fat in your body
  • Phase #4 involves calorie restriction based on your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This phase lasts from the 12th day to the 21st day of your diet. Using your BMR allows you to set the speed of your weight loss – you can start at a normal rate up to a very aggressive rate
The 3 Week Diet diet allows you to maintain a low carb intake while still eating delicious foods. You can adjust this diet for a vegetarian menu and get your protein intake from whey protein. You don’t have to eat only low fat and low cholesterol foods since you will know what healthy fats to eat to lose fat.
This diet is an intensive program that allows you to lose weight fast. The speed of this diet means you can do it while you are on a 3-week holiday. If you combine it with a good bodybuilding program, you can use this diet to get ripped, lose belly fat and get lean abs.
The extra health benefits you also get allows you to avoid expensive surgical procedures such as gastric bypass. You avoid having to go to the hospital, and you avoid making your family worry about you.
Several customer testimonials reveal the results of this diet:
  • One customer managed to lose 23 lbs of post-pregnancy weight in her first three weeks
  • Another user reports he lost more than one stone in 12 days, and he is shocked at the speed of his weight loss
  • One user says she has lost 11 lbs in a week alone

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